First of all…

I’m a husband to an amazing wife and father to two beautiful children. I’ve had the privilege of traveling to many cities around the world, but I’ve spent most of my life living in the best city, Sydney.


I’ve had a very interesting career so far

Throughout my professional life, I have examined over 13,000 pairs of eyes, have had over 5,000 business meetings and sold over $15,000,000 worth of medical devices. You could say that’s a whole lot of compassion, a whole lot of sales, a whole lot of marketing experience, but most of all, a whole lot of resilience and persistence. I’ve always been a high achiever, thanks to my parents, which has driven me to win numerous prizes in sales and marketing. Although I no longer work for these multibillion dollar companies, the fire in my belly still burns strong.

So if I was having so much ‘success,’ why did I let it all go?

My biggest desire was always to become a leader. I grew up with typical parents who encouraged me get good grades, get a degree and either get a high paying job or set up my own business with my skills.

So, in 2019, with my second child on the way and my wife heading off on maternity leave, I made the craziest decision to leave my secure, high paying job.

I finally threw myself in the deep end and became my own boss. Boy was I in for a big surprise. The first few months of business was soul crushing. The typical self doubting questions that ran through my head. Imposter Syndrome is the better term for it. Did I make the right decision? Why would I quit a secure six figure job to start a business? Am I doing the right thing by my family? Am I good enough? I jumped from one idea to the next and then it finally hit me, I realised what my true calling was. I’ve always found a spark by helping people which would explain my longevity in healthcare and maybe the next person I help is you. 

So…what will your next steps be? 


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