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With over 15 years of healthcare experience you can say that the healthcare industry is in my blood. I started my career as a clinical orthoptist screening over 20 patients a day. Wanting a new challenge, I then moved into two different business development manager role where I won multiple awards and supplied over $15,000,000 worth of medical devices. Over the years I’ve noticed the drastic changes that can happen when large corporate companies enter the market. There are many ways we can use online marketing to help you build your business even if you believe or have been told:

“my competitors have much larger budgets than I do”

– or –

“I don’t have the money”

– or –

“I don’t have the time”

– or –

“online marketing doesn’t won’t work for healthcare”

– or – 

“I want to charge more but my customers won’t pay that much”

– or – 

“my patients are older and aren’t that active on the internet”

– or –

“my patients aren’t used to paying for extra services”

You’d be forgiven if you had the same thoughts. I certainly did. During my time as a business development manager I was able to see how successful healthcare businesses manage to continuously thrive. These strategies can easily be applied to your own business.
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Let's work out a plan for you

I understand how venturing into new territory like online marketing can feel daunting and overwhelming. Many businesses that we have worked with felt the same way at the beginning but quickly found that I like to keep things transparent and as simplified as possible. I'm happy to offer a FREE strategy session. Here I'll help you uncover your online presence, share with you what your competitors are doing and provide a strategy to help you propel your business in the right direction. I hope that you understands that these meetings are reserved for those who are serious about online marketing and are close to or have launched a product or service already.

Remember, there’s no obligation for you to continue using my services after this initial strategy call.

Learn our secrets to online marketing and use them in your business!

Learn our secrets to online marketing and use them in your business!



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