Are you starting to get excited over what I could potentially do for you and practice?

Chances are you’re starting to get a little bit excited of the prospect of using online marketing in your practice. It’s at this point in the journey that I come across two different types of health providers.

The first type will find a way to make online marketing work. They work along side me and are open to suggestions and change.

The second will just sit there and think that this just won’t work for them. They’re not open to change or new ideas.

Which one will you be?

I understand how venturing into something new like online marketing can feel daunting.

Many businesses that I’ve worked with felt the same way at the beginning. I like to keep things transparent and as simplified as possible. I’m happy to offer a FREE 30 minute strategy session. Here I’ll help you uncover your online presence, share with you what your competitors are doing and provide a strategy to help you propel your business in the right direction.

Please understands that these meetings are reserved for those who are serious about online marketing.

Remember, there’s no obligation for you to continue using my services after this initial strategy call.

For everyone’s safety and convenience, these calls will be conducted via a video call.


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