Hey there, I’m Brian!

I’m the founder of On Point Marketing.

I provide healthcare marketing to health providers like you so that you can evolve and transform into ‘The Modern Health Provider.’

I do this by helping you stand out from the crowd, find new patients and ultimately experience more enjoyment in your work.

Unlike most health providers who try to grow by only using word of mouth, I use the latest online marketing techniques to help get you and your practice more exposure.

The Silent Healthcare Professional

I’ve met a lot of people who I would classify as ‘The Silent Healthcare Professional.’ 

You’ve done pretty well for yourself considering that you haven’t really had to spend big dollars to market yourself. You’re still floating above water but you know that if you don’t start seeing some fresh faces, you’ll need to make some changes around the place.

Let’s face it, business is getting tougher and competitors keep popping up left, right and centre. It’s started to shake things up for you and your practice.

Loyalty isn’t the same anymore.

You’ve also realised that giving a good price and good service doesn’t guarantee loyalty.

In fact, some of your most loyal customers have stopped coming back. You’ve started to blend into the busy crowd and you’re not entirely sure what you need to do to get noticed.

If you’ve been nodding your head and thinking this is familiar, congratulations on your new title – ‘The Silent Healthcare Professional.’

My Approach 

Most marketing agencies are really good at generating traffic and building your presence like websites and social media. I’m confident that I can provide you with all of that and more with my I.D.E.A. Methodology. It’s a method that I created through my many years of healthcare, sales and marketing experience. My I.D.E.A. Methodology is the first step I undertake with all my new clients. To find out more about my unique method, simply click the button below!


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